Yoga for Weight Loss

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Yoga-for-Weight-LossDuring your medical weight loss program, exercise can be a valuable tool to help you lose weight. Choosing the type of exercise that works for your lifestyle is an important step to reach your weight loss goals. Yoga is a great, low impact activity for anyone during a medical weight loss program because it doesn’t put any extra strain on your joints. It offers the benefits of a cardio workout in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

If you’re interested in practicing yoga, there are several different types you can try before deciding what best works for you.

Types of Yoga for Weight Loss

  • Hatha. Hatha is a form of yoga that is great for beginners. It focuses on slow, gentle movements, meditation, relaxation and breathing. Sometimes props such as blocks and bolsters are used to help with alignment.
  • Yin. This is another type of meditative yoga, also called Taoist yoga. Most of the poses are seated or lying down and require that you slowly move into them. With this style of yoga, you hold the poses for several minutes for a deep stretch and peaceful meditation.
  • Restorative. Restorative yoga is another form of relaxed yoga. During a restorative yoga class you will focus on four or five poses and deep relaxation. This type of yoga is meant to cleanse your mind and have you leave feeling refreshed and renewed in mind and body.
  • Bikram. Bikram is a form of “hot yoga” that centers more on weight loss. In a Bikram class you are in a sauna like setting where the heat is turned up typically to around 105 degrees. You will then focus on 26 different Bikram poses that center on alignment.
  • Ashtanga and power yoga. More cardio intensive and focused on strengthening and toning, this type of yoga requires constant movement and focuses less on meditation than others.

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

The benefits of yoga during your medical weight loss are both mental and physical. These benefits can include:

  • A positive outlook and better mood due to the calming and gentle aerobic exercise
  • Help with body aches and sore joints
  • Better night’s sleep due to the relaxing meditation practices during a class
  • Encourages toning in various muscles all over your body
  • Promotes self-confidence and love
  • Reduces stress and provides a sense of calm

Like with any form of exercise, you want to take certain precautions before diving in head first. Make sure you talk to your weight loss doctor about any possible concerns before beginning a new routine. Also, steer clear of at-home yoga guides—classes offer a professional instructor who can observe your technique and assist you so that you don’t attempt any poses that are beyond your range.

Yoga is a fun, relaxing and calming way to work towards your weight loss goals. Determine which form is right for you and strike a pose.

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