Debunking Cold Weather Exercise Excuses

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Debunking Cold Weather Exercise ExcusesThe days are already shortening and (thankfully) cooling. What are you going to do with your exercise plan through the late Fall to early Springtime this year! Warmer weather lends itself to outdoor activity in Colorado: Hiking, biking, mountain climbing, gardening, lawn work, camping (sigh – oh Summer!). Do you usually hibernate during the cold months? How can you maintain the fitness level you’ve achieved this summer season?

Are you a die-hard outdoor exerciser? These stalwart folks bundle up to walk, run and bike and ski throughout the winter. There are battery-warmed gloves and socks, even heated vests available for those who are out in the dark before or after work. If you run, especially in the dark, “Yak Trax” are extremely helpful to prevent slipping on icy streets. Head lamps work well to avoid close encounters with parked cars and trash cans.

Winter sports in Colorado include downhill and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The adventurous can even tackle ski trips to mountain huts. What a great fitness goal! Mountain towns host snowshoe races as well. You might even train for the Frozen Dead Guy coffin race in the Spring in Nederland!

If outdoor winter exercise just isn’t your cup of tea, never fear: the world of home exercise videos, dance classes and weight rooms awaits you! The variety and number of exercise venues seems to have mushroomed over the past years. From Aerobics to Zumba, there is something to satisfy anyone’s niche. Bicyclists and runners can use an indoor trainer or treadmill and videos, music or books on tape. Great classes abound in the gyms. PBS even has a 6 AM class every weekday morning.

So, grab a buddy and make it happen! Your body will thank you when it’s time again to turn the garden or to head into the hills for that first big hike next year.

-Tracy Boykin, RD

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