Designing a Home Gym

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Having a home gym is a great convenience. You waste no time driving, checking in, or waiting for equipment. It can lead to a more focused and disciplined exercise regimen. If you want to burn a lot of calories, build your endurance, and strengthen your muscles while wasting as little time as you can, then you need to set up a home gym. Read on to find out how.

First, Choose Your Workout Goals

Do you want to gain strength and build muscle? Do you want to improve your aerobic fitness? Are you trying to burn calories? A little, or a lot? Once you know your goal, you will be able to set up the means of getting there.

Designing Your Home Gym

If you are just trying to burn a few extra calories, improve your fitness, or build endurance, then you don’t need much in the way of space. A corner of a room, some extra space in the basement, anywhere you have room to stretch out. All you need are bodyweight exercises and make a few small weights. If your goals are more ambitious, such as burning a lot of calories or really building your strength, then you will need space for more equipment. In this case, you may need to convert a whole room or clear out a lot of space in the basement or garage. If you don’t have enough space, you will need to use folding exercise machines or just stick to free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells.

Picking the Right Equipment:

Weights.The cheapest equipment choice, which is also the one that takes up the least space, is free weights. You can store them under a bench or in a closet. If you are looking for a strength building or high calorie burning workout, get a kettlebell. Nothing will do those jobs better. If you are just looking to burn a few extra calories, or develop your endurance, a few small dumbbells should do the trick.

Treadmills. If you want to improve your overall fitness and build your endurance, then running or walking is good for you. Doing it outside is free, but bad weather can make this difficult. If you want the freedom to walk or run every day, then a treadmill may be right for you. You need one with at least 2 horsepower with a continuous duty motor. If you can get one with incline control, all the better, because this will let you simulate running uphill. If you are pressed for space, get a foldable treadmill.

Elliptical Trainers.Elliptical trainers are ideal for people who have joint problems or need a low impact workout for some other reason. They are also great for those without a lot of time to exercise because they pack a lot of exercise into a little time. These machines are also good for small home gyms, as they don’t take up a lot of space.

Stationary Bikes.If you want a good cardio workout but don’t want a treadmill, then a stationary bike might be the machine for you. Get one with computerized programming that alters the pedal resistance if you can. This will give you a more effective variable workout.

When you work out at home, you only need to buy the bare minimum of equipment. It is the cheapest, easiest way to exercise. When your gym is at home, you have no more excuses for not exercising. Now go and do it!

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