Fitness Fundamentals: 5 Ways to Overcome Lethargy When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

Posted: May 14 in Activity Recommendations, Health And Wellness, Weight Management Strategies by

Are you a fitness enthusiast who occasionally lacks the motivation to exercise? Do you sometimes wish you could quiet that nagging voice that tells you to exercise and instead spend your time lazing on the couch watching TV? Just because you know you should exercise, that does not mean you possess the motivation to complete a workout. The next time you find yourself wondering whether you should head to the gym, remember these five motivational tips.

  • Do not let exercising become something you have to do. Exercise is something you are blessed to be able to enjoy. Not all are as fortunate as you are. Think about those confined to wheelchairs or those born with physical challenges. You are blessed to be able to work out and to be able to enjoy the sound of your blood pumping in your ears. Focus on the fact that you can exercise, and your gym time will be even more enjoyable.
  • It is easy to make excuses instead of exercising. It is too hot outside. It is too cold outside. Your muscles are tired. If you wait for optimum conditions, you will always find an excuse. Adopt a no excuses attitude towards your physical fitness time and tell yourself that unless you are in a hospital bed, you are going to work out each day.
  • Thinking of exercising and lacing up your sneakers are two very different things. You do not earn any brownie points for contemplating an invigorating workout. The only way you are going to increase the numbers on your fitness tracker is by getting your backside out the door and hitting the gym. Remember that feeling you get after an energizing workout and push yourself past the point of thinking and towards the point of doing. Your heart and lungs will thank you for the extra effort.
  • Remember that not every exercise day has to be your best day. You do not have to come home feeling as if you ran a marathon. The fact that you worked out and got your heart pumping is enough.
  • Every day you exercise is another day to learn about your body. Learn about your body as you exercise and use your newfound knowledge to tweak future exercise sessions. Your body is a work in progress; enjoy the learning process as much as you enjoy the exercising.

Achieving your physical fitness goals requires dedication and hard work. You need to push past those nagging thoughts that tempt you to forego exercise and remain steadfast in your commitment to healthier living. There are days you will not feel like exercising, but the rewards will be worth the effort. Are you ready to push yourself to achieve a better body?

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