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Weight Loss for Men *

Posted: Jun 19 in Medical Weight Loss News, Weight loss, Weight Loss Medication by

As we celebrate Men’s health month this June, how are we doing addressing obesity among men in America? Are men receiving evidence-based weight loss treatments? Men are just as likely to suffer not only from obesity, but from the 236 other medical problems related to obesity. In fact, men with a very elevated body mass […]

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The Importance of Losing Weight during the Coronavirus Pandemic *

Posted: Apr 19 in coronavirus, Medical Weight Loss News by

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it has become increasingly clear that some people are at higher risk of getting severely ill than others. Unfortunately, Colorado (and in particular Denver, Arapahoe County, Eagle County, Jefferson County) does have a high number of coronavirus cases. This article discusses why for people living in all of these areas, […]

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The Best Snacks for People with High Cholesterol *

Posted: Jun 30 in Health And Wellness, Medical Weight Loss News, Nutrition, Weight loss, Weight Management Strategies by

If you have high cholesterol, you are undoubtedly aware that you must pay particularly close attention to the foods that you eat. This heightened awareness toward food causes many people to forego snacking altogether. [Read more]

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You Need a Balanced Lifestyle to Be Happy and Healthy *

Posted: May 26 in Activity Recommendations, Clinical Nutrition Center News, Health And Wellness, Medical Weight Loss News by

Modern life encourages disharmony rather than wellness. The hectic to-and-fro of your routine as you juggle the demands of a busy schedule creates strain. [Read more]

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Is Eating Breakfast Really Necessary For Weight Loss? *

Posted: Feb 25 in Medical Weight Loss News, Nutrition, Weight Management Strategies by

For decades we have been told that in order to lose weight we have to eat breakfast every day. But new scientific research casts doubt on this myth. Where did this recommendation come from? One source may be from the National Weight Control Registry. This is a registry of individuals who have successfully lost over […]

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