Making Weight Loss Workouts a Habit

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Making Weight Loss Workouts a HabitAs you lose weight, use these tips to follow through on your exercise plans

There’s a reason that we so frequently hear diet and exercise used in conjunction—they’re both crucial aspects of losing weight. Yet even with the knowledge that exercise is important, sticking to your workout plans can be a challenge. Though a weight loss program will teach you many ways to improve your health, forming new habits is rarely easy—daily exercise is something that many people struggle to make a reality.

There are many ways to help yourself follow through on workout plans, and dedicating some time and effort to them can help you make exercise a consistent part of your daily life. If you’re ready to make your exercise schedule failsafe, start with these tips:

Work around your normal schedule. Sometimes, our exercise scheduling woes come from trying to fit a workout in when it just won’t be realistic. If you know you won’t have enough time to dedicate a 30-minute chunk to exercise, remember that three 10-minute chunks will be just as beneficial. If you find yourself skipping planned morning workouts, it may be best to move them later in the day. Think about what may be causing your workout schedule to be ineffective and work to find a plan that fits around your other responsibilities.

Stay accountable. It’s easy to bail on your workout plans if you make them alone—you’ll only be disappointing yourself. Sharing your plans with others will make it much more likely for you to follow through on them. Find a workout buddy. Take a class. Get a personal trainer. Announce your workout plans on social media networks. If you involve others in your fitness routine, these tools can do more than convince you to stick with your plans—they can support your every effort.

Use technology to your advantage. These days, our phones and computers tell us everything from how to get home to what to eat for dinner—why not use them to remind yourself to exercise? Try planning all of your workouts in advance with smartphone apps and other electronic tools designed to help you get fit. Browse your app store and try a couple of them out!

An exercise schedule is relatively easy to make, but difficult to stick with. Help yourself keep up the progress of your weight loss program by developing an exercise schedule that works well for you.


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  • Lisa Marie says:

    Thanks for sharing information. It really helps me to manage my schedule.

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      This is an injection, not pills. Pharmacy price is ~$1100 – $1400 per month, so it is important to see if insurance covers the medication. This medication doubles to triples the odds of losing 5-10% of total body weight. If not effective (at least 4% weight lost at 16 weeks), the medication is stopped. Hope that helps.

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